If your medical exams tables suffer from worn, torn, cracked, or just plain ugly and out dated vinyl.Then we have some great news for you.

If you are Doctor or facilities manager responsible for the upkeep of the exam tables give us a call. We can repair that small tear or rebuild those corners that always wear out. It a repair is not practical then will can custom make a new cover and install it for you.

Vinyl Medic, LLC is fast becoming one of the largest providers of replacement vinyl for exam tables and assistants chairs in the St. Louis area.

Vinyl Medic, LLC has repaired or replaced vinyl on many tables for doctors offices and hospitals in the St. Louis and surrounding areas.
1.    Repair or replace existing vinyl.
2.    Repair cracks, holes or punctures
3.    Assistants chairs can be done to match.
4.    All work is done promptly in a timely manner
5.    Referrals upon request.

Estimates are free. Some work can be done on-site.

As always we come to you. Give us a call for a competitive price.