Look around the restaurant where you are seating your customers.

If you see damage to the seating area… this is what your customers see when they visit your restaurant.

A great dining experience does not begin with the food! It begins the moment your patrons walk through the door. Have you ever been a restaurant where you have been asked to be seated on top of a large tear in the seat? It’s uncomfortable to sit on.

If the springs are popping through and you sink all the way down into the seat its very uncomfortable and starts the dining experience off in the wrong direction.  Since 2002 Vinyl Medic, LLC has been committed to making sure that your seating areas are in good repair.

We replace the vinyl or booth cover with the original material that came from the manufacturer.Vinyl Medic, LLC will inspect the spring or foam and make sure they are not in need of repair. If they are we replace the springs and/or the foam to bring the seat back to life again.

There is no job too big or small. Most of this work can be done onsite at your store. This means no down time for your booth. You will be ready to seat your customers when the doors are open.

Vinyl Medic, LLC has built a great reputation and the list of repeat satisfied customers includes some of the largest franchised restaurants in the country as well as some great local restaurants.

We currently do business with restaurants such as

Panera Bread {St. Louis Bread Co.} * Applebees * Red Lobster * Olive Garden *  Longhorn Steakhouse *  Lonestar Steakhouse * McDonalds Corp * Steak n Shake * Ruby Tuesdays *  Houlihans * Bandanas * OCharleys * Maggianos and many local favorites as well such as Sybergs * Helen Fitzgeralds *Favazzas  Mike Duffys and many many more.