Beware! Are you getting what you are paying for?

  There are many different styles and weights of vinyls used in different applications and it is easy to substitute a look-a-like material that is less expensive but may not hold up to the kind of traffic to which it may be subjected. For example many of the  restaurant accounts we service are the multi-location larger operations such as Applebees,Red Lobster,Olive Garden and many others.  When a restaurant seat cover needs to be replaced it is important that what was installed originally goes back on.  Often times ther are look-a-likes that may cost less but will wear out more frequently thus having to be replaced more often. At VinylMedic we strive to make sure what came off goes back on. If a lesser grade is going to be substituted it needs to be disclosed and reflected in the price. The old saying that you get what you pay for applies. Dont be fooled.